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City: Stuttgart
Country: Germany

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We are a three-headed Indie-Electropop Band from Stuttgart, Germany.
We played many concerts in Stuttgart and built up a loyal and honest fanbase.
In March we decided to put our music out there and had a lot of fun and success with it.
Now, one year later our first professional record has been released.

F A L L  B A C K  E P

Musically we are using groovy baselines, organic percussion and powerful synthchords.
Influences reach from Idie, Disco, Electronic and Alternative to Pop.

Everything is hold together by Joscha’s unique vocal sound.

Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG
GbR mit Joscha Becker, Finn Gronemeyer und Michael Schoett
Hornisgrindenweg 8 , 70569 Stuttgart
Vertreten durch: Michael Schoett
Telefon: 017647762920
Redaktionell Verantwortlicher: Michael Schoett, Joscha Becker, Finn Gronemeyer
Hornisgrindenweg 8 70569 Stuttgart
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